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New Year, New Hair (as seen on

So we are already 11 days into 2012 and know doubt many of you have made some New Year’s resolutions. Chatting with my clients the usual suspects are there, weight loss, drinking less, quitting smoking, more exercise and of course be more successful in our business/work/life etc. But what about your hair resolutions for 2012?

A change is as good as a holiday so I have collected a few inspiring images that I think match this year’s hottest hair trends. Most of these images are an extension or metamorphosis of what we were wearing last year, and they all focus on what I consider to be a key themes for this year - firstly a nod in the direction of a 60s revival, combined with the return of TEXTURE.

Hope you’re all inspired,

Michael :)

SHORT HAIR TREND: The “Gamine” crop

Nothing screams cool as much as this textured crop for the ladies. Think of working a very tight-to-the-head shape that has heaps of texture (see the Mia Farrow image below left). The razor is an awesome tool to work with to create these kinds of deconstructed shapes.

Style your hair with a blast dry first to get as much movement as possible and then finish with a texturising paste. I opt for Label M Matte Paste, but for slightly longer versions of this look you could even use a sea-salt spray for texture. I love O&M Surf Bomb for this.

MID LENGTH TREND: Get rid of the Lob! And the Chob, and the Mob and the Pob - and any variations on the Bob. Especially the variations on the name!

I love the bob just as much as anyone, but people, I think we are done! Opt to layer your long bob or shoulder length hair to create a rough, diffused texture. Lots of 60s inspired volume is definitely key here and a slightly narrower silhouette than what we have been working in previous years. I am not saying a return to the faux-rock-mullet of the early naughties but I definitely think it’s time we moved away from the bob. Have I stressed that part enough?

(Image taken from new Toni&Guy Collection “Alignment”)

LONG HAIR TREND: DIY Waves and Curls

I go through phases of loving and then hating long hair. I think it always looks amazing but unfortunately for most of the time it always looks the same. The glamour inspired looks of the past few years (lots of width and weight in the hair, loose smooth waves with not a lot of volume) are definitely still here to stay, but I say experiment with your style a bit by opting for a more natural, grungy wave to the hair. Think more Woodstock Festival Hippie and less GHD/Cloud 9 glamour curls!

The secret here is in the product. Make sure you look after your long hair, as hair that is moisturised and in optimum condition will always look the best left “a la natural”. I love O&M Maintain the Mane Shampoo + Conditioner  for all my natural/normal hair types, but for my blondes and curly haired ladies O&M Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo + Conditioner along with an O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque once a week is a must.

To create the beach-head looks below, shampoo and condition your hair and really well towel dry the moisture out of it.  Apply O&M Surf Bomb all the way through and separate your hair into twists (the larger the twists the looser the wave, and make sure they all go in different directions). As your hair starts to naturally dry keep topping up with the spray until you create that beautiful undone texture. Finally tame any excess frizz with some O&M Frizzy Logic Serum.

(Below left image from Toni&Guy Collection “Alignment”)

This is great - a bit of vintage fun


Great for swelling out the hair for volume or creating textured looks on shorter or longer lengths. Awesome cutting lotion for hairdressers. Blow dry in for best results. It’s an oldie but a goodie….

TREND: loving really black hair right now….

I am loving the idea of dark, velvety, goth revival locks in a very real way coming into the European winter and a very cool look for those of you who are daring enough  (maybe a whole tie in with my firm belief in the 90s revival!!) . Most important thing to remember with any colour change, is that it MUST work with your complexion otherwise you can actually look ill. Here are some examples of runway inspired BLACK BLACK BLACK hair that I love. 

My advice to you??…….if you are unsure: Go for it!!! you know you wanted something different and this beautifully rich colour will add unmatched shine to your locks, and make you stand out in the crowd!

this is an old image but I love the wigs they worked for this YSL show….

the beautiful Coco Rocha for Glow

And of course the beautiful Dita Von Teese wearing jet black in a smoking hot way

WOW THIS IS GORGEOUS. Love the reference and the image and Nicole looks quite amazing. 

REBLOG FROM FASHIONGONEROGUE - awesome blog check it out by clicking the image above!!

INSPIRATION: Vidal Sassoon

There is something so great about “Cutting Hair the Vidal Sasson Way” - a manual of different key Sassoon techniques that shaped the look of this iconic company. Even though the book itself is quite dated (being from the 1970s…so look at it in context), the images represent such an important part of hairdressing history.

This will probably hold more interest for my readers who are Hair Stylists then it will for clients, but either way a classic piece of hairdressing history.

INSPIRATION: Beach hair with Kevin Murphy

INSPIRATION: with Kevin Murphy

So after going to Melbourne to assist the Kevin Murphy team on Fashion Week, and having done a recent training course all about sewing the hair with needle and thread I thought I would include this little video of Kevin working a ‘sew up bob’ (one of the looks I was most excited to share with my clients in the studio and all of you readers of my blog). This one is a great way to have instant short hair for an event without having to go for the big chop.

Hope it inspires some of you to get creative with your styling!

Beauty 101: Sew-up bob - FASHION by fashionmagazine77

INSPIRATION: Beach Head Texture

So thanks to such a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney, Australia and a visit to the infamous Bondi Beach, I thought I would post a few beach inspired looks that I am into. But most importantly the how to guide to Beach Hair.



PREP YOUR HAIR with a good mousse, blow dry lotion or better yet try a sea salt spray. I love Label M Sea Salt Spray or Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for this.


Power dry your hair with your hands and the blow dryer (tip your head upside down for

added volume) until 80% dry


Add more product  and dry it back into the hair using the cold setting….keep building up the salt spray in layers using cold (to avoid excess frizz and give you a little bit of shine) until you reach the desired “beachy-ness” - and then set with a good Hairspray. I love Sebastian Shaper for this as it gives great hold whilst still being very touchable.


Always beautifully and naturally styled Kate Hudson

Natalie Imbruglia works the look perfectly here in a campaign for Kailis

Enjoy the beautiful weather Sydney-siders 

some footage from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Where I got to work with the Kevin Murphy Session Team on one of the shows. Here is a little taster more pics and a detailed run down of how we worked the look to come:


Here is some backstage snaps of me from the launch of FIREHOSIERY 

Thanks to Christian Liersch who assisted me on the night!

ICON: Courtney Love

With the 90s revival ultimately resulting in a return of grunge inspired looks, who better to be the poster child then Courtney Love. I love the raw, effortless, DIY feel of her platinum locks in this image - it really is the personification of grunge.

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: Home Dye Jobs and a feather razor should do the trick. Get really drunk and attack your own hair. Or better yet to go for a less literal reference - see your stylist and ask for a really textured, grown out look. The best part about that is if it looks grown out now, it tends to age really well and you’ll find you need less haircuts to maintain the look.

TREND: Some more citrus inspiration a la Vivienne Westwood

I love this image and the colour technique here ( think a heavy ombre/colour dipped ends of vibrant mandarin tones through the ends) and think this would be a fantastic way for blondes to have a dramatic change that will fade out before summer.

ICON: Vivienne Westwood

Was just watching an old interview with Dame Vivienne Westwood and Jonathon Ross and was so amazed at just how switched on this lady is. Not only is she a fashion “tour de force” she is heavily involved in climate change and preserving life for the future generations which really is so important.

On a hair note however I absolutely adore her tangerine orange locks and think that they are bang on trend for this season (although it has become Dame Vivienne’s signature look). So think about trying some fruity citrus tones in your own mane, be it the all over extreme version (seen here on the Dame) or even as a beautiful feature panel in blonde locks. Winter is all about shine - so for you blondes going for the reds will definitely add shine to your locks.

Hope it inspires…