Has Kim K finally got it right? ‘Kardashion’ review by Paris Donnelly.

——————————————————————————-Words by Paris Donnelly

Whether you love her, or love to hate her, it’s undeniable that Kimmy K has been absolutely killing it in the farrrshun department lately.  I would like to think that she has just really come into her own and found a personal style that is trendy, on point, and flattering (read: out of this world $$ expensive $$).  Because of my raging feminist tendencies, I do not like to think that her rocking outfits are Yeezus’ doing. But given that Kim’s fashion choices during her pre-wedding stint in Paris last week are a far cry from the days of being Paris Hilton’s bitch, maybe i’ll have to give Kanye some credit where credit is due.


My favourite from the week was this $20k Balmain dress.  The detailing on this is INSANE. It hugs her curves perfectly, and the nude toned shoes elongate her legs.  Given the high neck, I actually would have liked to have seen her hair in an up do to really show off the dress a bit more.  Regardless, this outfit is simply faultless.


I myself am a leather obsessee - so naturally I fell in love with this double leather combo.  Cannot wait to re-create this cat woman look myself!



My last two favourites have really made me fall in love with Kim’s figure.  Low back leotards are the sexiest thing that is appropriate to be worn in daylight.  My conservative old soul initially rejected the sight of the side-boob, but I have now come to embrace it.  Hell, if my boobs looked like that I probably wouldn’t bother with undergarments either.  I am covetting every single item of clothing in these two outfits.  But if i had to choose just one thing, I think every woman on the planet needs to invest in a pair of white heels. Hella classy.

Editors Note: The Blog at Michael Johnson Hair does not accept liability for any Paris/Kim K devotees that cause injury due to excessive side boobage. The opinions of our writers do not reflect the opinions of the brand.


Cannes Film Festival 2014: Slim pickings…and then there was Cate!

I know after my Met Ball rant I am seeming like a bit of a red-carpet Nazi, but if you take a look through the footage from Cannes, you would have to agree that finding any hair that was ‘done’ is pretty hard work!

I only have one look that I loved (including the stunning Valentino gown) was Cate Blanchett at the Trophée Chopard event. The hair felt very Suki Waterhouse at the Met Ball and I am loving the loosely pulled roll or chignon with softness around the face. Loving the heavy drop earring as well!

Did you see anything else worth noting? If you did comment below or email us at michael@michaeljohnsonhair.com

Met Ball Hair Wind Up - The winners, snores & “oh my f**king god no”s…

So the Met Ball has had me pondering for some time, not only because I was so engrossed in the whole ‘Solange turned crazed violent attacker” internet wave, but also because I tended to love certain looks, then hate them, then look again and love them.

I can only conclude that when it came to glamour, this year’s hair was a sea of ‘fuck no’s with a couple of ‘amazing’s, made that much more amazing by their shitty surroundings. But I was particularly offended by the regular ‘boring’ offenders this year. Those boring, safe celebrities who I am so sick of seeing look exactly the same and who really have no excuse.

But I will my list speak for itself. Do you think I am insane, or agree entirely? Tweet us your faves @michaeljhair or #mjhairmetball, or feel free to comment below!

My Winners

Reese Witherspoon does a genius Faux-Bob look

Score: 10/10


Faux Bobs never go out of style for me and Witherspoon effortlessly pulls off this Grace Kelly-esque style. See my how-to on this look (as worn by Cate Blanchett at the Golden Globes here)


Jessica Alba does Classic Beauty

Score: 8.5/10

Jessica Alba looks fantastic and this hair is beautiful, buuuuuutttttt, I am not as convinced as everyone else. And I must admit that I ALMOST semi-yawned. I love the classic look but hmmm have we seen this Jessica too many times? 


Lily Aldrige  & Suki Waterhouse Keep it Simple & Feminine

Score: 9/10 for Lily & 9.5/10 for Suki

We can all take tips out of the Aldridge & Waterhouse guide to timeless style. The best hair at any event is the classic beauty look. If you have a great face don’t mess around with all those deconstructed, hair in face looks, as nothing beats a clean, beautiful chignon softened around the edges to keep things less matron and more glamazon. Be it Aldridge’s cleaner finish, or the soft, almost Victorian frizz on Waterhouse, the design is kept clear and simple and perfectly executed

Result: Lily crapped all over Blake Liveley’s overdone face. Suki is just…well…Suki, so her hair looked better than Lily’s…ah such is life.

Amber Heard is Dishevelled & Decadent


This is taking the “Suki Waterhouse” and raising her some razor blades, in game of strip poker played over a line of very expensive cocaine, probably while wearing a 40,000 couture gown, which you may or may not have ripped.

The dishevelled texture to the upstyle screamed editorial edge, which perfectly paired such a dramatic lip colour. Amber’s look is bang on trend combining the essence of rebellion and grunge in the texture, but the glamour of well-dressed hair, reminiscent of the forties. I love the shape and direction of the front, opting to retain visible teasing and disguise any partings, which give the shape such a natural and effortless vibe.

The (inexcusable) Snores


Anne zzzzzzz (too tired to finish the sentence)

Score: 3/10


Anne Hathaway has to be the only woman that can make a pixie crop look this boring. Maybe it’s her face? Maybe it is the fact that my mum would look younger in this haircut. So would yours. So would Judi Dench. The end.

Alexa “same old” Chung

Score: -472/10 


UK Vogue Says:

“Alexa Chung kept her hair and make-up pared-back to complement her Nina Ricci gown. She wore her hair gently tonged…”

My answer? I’m struggling to ‘pare-down’ my overwhelming desire to fall asleep looking at her.

From hair royalty to Boring McBore, Alexa Chung has plummeted into the flawed perception that she, or her gown by Nina Ricci, was enough to make this tired old balayage/just out of bed hair look even remotely glamorous. I’ve been bored with Alexa for a while, and since I worshipped her looks hard for at least a year, I tried to go down that firm “Alexa is always amazing” line of defense whenever she would disappoint. But this is the last straw.

Result: Dead to me now…not that anyone would notice said death with that plain-jane mane

Um… are you fucking kidding me’s…..

(Names omitted out of condolence, these awful photos, however, will never, ever, go away…YAY Internet!)

1. The “I thought inhaling, while wearing a ridiculous pile of somebody else’s hair on my head would make me look impossibly young and fresh, but actually I just look like an insane, constipated, 102 year old drag queen”


2. “The angry elderly client who will cut a bitch because her weave fell out, meets ANTM contestant who Tyra has decided is the next ‘edgy’ model”

Now I wrote this pre-video-scandal and it now feels like a fairly accurate psychic prediction. Angry = tick, could cut a bitch= tick, or Jay-Z= close enough.


2, The “Since I am known for my headbands, I will wear this ridiculous one obscuring half my face because I have created a trademark that nobody cares about”

Um…how about being known for looking good? To this look I say a passionate fuck no no no no no…


…..and drum roll please….

The “Oh fuck me just no no no no no…..make it go away make it go away make it go away!!!!!!!!!!”


Hmm… is the above the world’s saddest looking person perhaps? She clearly caught herself in the mirror on the way in! Either that or her ability to keep a straight face while looking this ridiculous reinforces my saddest/sadistic theory.

Words by Michael Johnson


Volume Luxe

Here is a little how-to guide using the new boutique range from NYC "amika:" - we are calling it ‘volume luxe’ and it literally takes minutes to do in the morning. More proof that the right tools make the world of difference to your haircare routine.

"Lashes are the curtains to the windows of the soul"

Mikele Simone, General Manager of Illamasqua Australia, talks to Michael Johnson about make up trends, the Met Ball and must-haves on a desert island!


Mikele Simone is a well known face in fashion and beauty circles. Being born in Italy, and living there for the first half of his life, his childhood was surrounded by fashion. Mikele would look up to his mother’s style and elegance and was inspired by the Italian mantra of looking great and taking pride in your appearance at all times. It was this upbringing that inspired his ongoing love of beauty and creativity, whether natural, or avant-garde.

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Coachella Style: The good, the bad…the Jenner.

Paris Donnelly is no stranger to a festival, so it seemed only fitting that she give her style review ‘the festival’ of the year Coachella. Founded in 1999, the indie event of the year is never short of hipster sentiment or a well placed piercing. Well, provided the piercing’s adornment isn’t larger than most of your face…


When you think of ‘festival fashion,’ Coachella is really the only word that comes to mind.  At this dusty desert destination, the finest, coolest, most stylish trendsetters conglomerate deck out in their boho best.  Needless to say, this year’s fashion choices did not disappoint. 

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Beauty and The Geek: Why can’t you be both? —by Marie Iskander—

""The rules of hair care are simple and finite. Any Cosmo girl would have known!"

—-Elle Woods, Legally Blonde (2001)

The 2001 hit film Legally Blonde proved to young girls everywhere that law school wasn’t only for the “boring, ugly and serious”. Yet, it’s not surprising that many sleep-deprived, emotionally vulnerable, and over-worked law students might ask the question: how the hell is it possible to find the balance between a laborious law degree and maintaining gorgeous hair?

What I can hopefully show you from my own experience, is that the physical and psychological benefits of looking after yourself in the beauty department make it completely worthwhile prioritising in your daily routine! It might even improve your academic results! (Editor’s note: We have no actual proof of this.)

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3 Minute Makeovers at Michael Johnson Hair

So we have started doing a series of How-to videos using some of the products from our shop and here is the latest look we worked on one of my classmates at UNSW Cara Sorensen. Cara came in, as you will see, with some old highlights and a natural light brown base. In just 3 minutes, applying EVO Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner to Cara’s hair (shampoo and towel dry first) you will not believe the AMAZING result we achieved.

Jessica Rabbit eat your heart out!!

Constantly Requested - The loose beach texture and long a-line shape is very workable on many faceshapes. The pink blush provided by the lighting here is fantastic when worked onto the hair with EVO Fabuloso Pro - super conditioning and great for a pastel tone that actually lasts.

Constantly Requested - The loose beach texture and long a-line shape is very workable on many faceshapes. The pink blush provided by the lighting here is fantastic when worked onto the hair with EVO Fabuloso Pro - super conditioning and great for a pastel tone that actually lasts.

Power is being told you are not loved and not being destroyed by it - genius image and quote from Madonna

Power is being told you are not loved and not being destroyed by it - genius image and quote from Madonna

Alterna Caviar CC Cream: Make-up for Hair

I am obsessed with the Alterna Caviar CC Cream - It is correcting make up for hair and represents complete innovation in hair product technology. Clinically proven to provide the benefits of 10 Styling and Conditioning Product all-in-one this i a must for the handbag, and the bathroom cabinet, and the office desk. Use it on damp hair before blow drying to protect and seal moisture in, and then reapply throughout the day for added strength, softness and unbelievable shine.

At the Shop we are doing a launch special on this product! Regularly $52.30, we are selling it for $35.95 to all of our customers. Plus if you spend $50 or more in March you are automatically entered into our competition to win the amazing CLOUD 9 ORIGINAL IRON, valued at $299!

Dame Vivienne Westwood you fucking genius!

If you want to be inspired just look at Dame Vivienne’s new hair - motivated by her desire to age gracefully (well with an exposed vagina every now and then) and her statement about climate change!

We think she is just the most extraordinary person. 


There’s No Place Like Home

Back home in Sydney and back to work! Finishing up my first drafts of our interviews with Celebrity Hair Stylist Alex Carbonell (Studio Fix Salon By Alex Carbonell), Style Manila founder and CEO (and general guru on all things hip) Sasha Manuel, and fresh new blogger on all things “guy style” Chris Mercene from Pinoy Guy’s Guide. 

There’s no place like home but I’m certainly not on holiday anymore!

Busy Day Ahead: Tomorrow I interview three Manila Style Guru’s about fashion, hair and style in the big city!

So we are hitting the Makati City area tonight for a quiet dinner before an early start Filipino Breakfast with Sasha Manuel - creator of the style-bible “Style in Manila”.

Then Michael will be chatting to Alex Carbonell over a much needed haircut! Alex is a celebrity stylist and all round difficult guy to pin down! 

In the arvo, original man-to-man advice blogger Chris from Pinoy Guy Guide will be breaking down the city for us: where to shop, what to wear, and his all important guide to remaining stylish in the heat!! AUSTRALIAN MEN PLEASE READ!!

All in all it will be hectic. If you have any questions for these guys get them in ASAP using our contact form!

Winston & Mike