Stars that Shone: The Best Dressed at Oscars 2014

Time for a confession.

The Oscars, aka ‘Gay-Super-Bowl’ (or State of Origin, for the Aussies), always inspires my shameless obsession!  Having watched the event religiously for as long as I can remember, it is fair to say that I am quite the armchair expert when it comes to the Red Carpet Ritual! (Especially this year, since the absence of super-dreamboat George Clooney meant that I was completely undistracted in my critique!)

So without further ado, here are my picks for the Best Dressed of Oscars 2014. 

#1 Lupita Nyong’o



Why I particularly love Lupita’s sharp modern style, is her ability to still exude a feminine beauty. The custom Prada gown was nothing short of epic, and she wore it with the relaxed style that only bespoke tailoring can bring. Her mohican-inspired hair style adds edge, but I loved the addition of the Fred Leighton head band this year (totally didn’t see that one coming) - the perfect ‘feminine-luxe’ addition to complete her look.

Here are a few of my favourite looks that Lupita has worked on the red carpet recently.


#2 Charlize Theron


Bang! Charlize knows exactly how to own the red carpet, and the cut of this dramatic Dior gown marries her statuesque frame with perfection. I just love the seamless way the vintage glamour through the bodice transitions into the modern, structural skirt.

Her look is topped off with hair genius: a champagne blonde textured crop, enhancing just how striking her features are. The understated styling compliments such a dramatic gown, and our attention is exactly where it should be. Basically, this woman can do no wrong!

#3 Cate Blanchett


I’m so glad Cate shifted her red-carpet gears back to glamour this year, appearing appropriately regal in Armani Prive. This look screams Best Actress, in complete contrast to her Givenchy ensemble from Oscars 2011. I definitely was not feeling the ‘bullet-proof breast plate’ and ‘popcorn effect’ on her back…and must confess I was hoping that she didn’t win, given that the Oscar statue would have made the fallout of this ornamental bomb even worse. 


Best Dressed Couple

Oh Brangelina…you’ve done it again. Serving us the definition of ‘Old Hollywood’, the embellishment on Angelina’s Elle Saab gown was just magical. Brad is also looking particularly yum again too it seems, helped out by his ‘new do’- chopping the ‘Legends of the Fall’ mane and returning to the groomed heart-throb that we know and love. Of course, it almost goes without saying that Brad Pitt is dressed by Tom Ford (aka God).


So to those out there as obsessed as me - did you agree with my picks for this year? You can Rate or Hate via our Contact Form here.

Goodnight everybody!



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